Jordanian Psychological Association

The Association

Based in Amman, Jordan, the Jordanian Psychological Association (JPA) is a professional organization that represents psychology in Jordan.  The mission of the JPA is to advance the making, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve community’s lives.  The JPA excels as a valuable, efficient and prominent organization advancing psychology as a science.

Who We Are

The Jordanian Psychological Association is a scientific association for specialists in all divisions of psychology in Jordan. It was founded in 1995 and has about 350 voting members, most of whom are working in educational settings as school counselors, and some are working as faculty members at different universities, in addition to some members working as specialists in the private sector.

The Jordanian Psychological Association is committed to the promotion and advancement of psychology as a science and profession and as a means of promoting health, education and human welfare. 

The Mission of the Jordanian Psychological Association is to support its members in their efforts to advance the profession, preserve its integrity, and promote the health and well-being of all citizens through different means such as:

  • Educate the public about when and how to access psychological services as well as provide referrals when requested.
  • Provide leadership to the profession through legislative advocacy and regulatory oversight, marketing, and media outreach.
  • Create opportunities for continuing education, networking and mutual support among psychologists of all areas of specialty.
  • Offer professional practice consultation by providing information on clinical, legal, and ethical issues to help psychologists better serve the public.
  • Promote research, education, and training in psychology.

The association has made several accomplishments and contributions such as:

  • Holding a national conference in psychology.
  • Regulating the practice of psychology in collaboration with the ministry of health in Jordan.
  • Issuing and maintaining the code of ethics for practicing psychological services.
  • Conducting several training workshops for psychologists and school counselor.
  • Participating in several community awareness programs through media, Lectures and symposiums.

The objectives of the Jordanian Psychological Association are:

  • Promoting scientific knowledge in the field of psychology and to advance psychology as a science and profession among professionals and non-professionals.
  • Applications of psychological knowledge to better serve the society in all aspects of life.
  • Organization and development the professional practices related to psychology profession and overcoming obstacles facing the professionals.
  • Maintaining the code of ethics for psychology profession and practice.
  • Presenting consultation for the licensing authority to organize the practice of psychology based on the highest well known standards.
  • Achieving communication and cooperation among psychologists and professionals in related fields.
  • Establishing bilateral relationship and promoting cooperation with related associations, societies, and unions at local, regional or international levels.

Current officers (Board of Directors) for the Jordanian Psychological Association are:

Samir A. Abu-Mughli, Ph.D.

Educational Psychologist

Al-Qadesiah College

President of the Jordanian Psychological Association.

Suhail M. Shawagfeh, M.A.

Counseling Psychologist

Head of Counseling Department in Ministry of Education/First Amman Directorate of Education.

Vice President

Amer Al Masri, Ph.D.

Counseling Psychologist

General Secretary

Waleed Al- Shatarat, Ph.D.

Counseling Psychologist


Abeer W. Elfar, Ph.D.

Counseling Psychologist

Bahya AboAlhayga , Ph.D.

Counseling Psychologist

Najwa Aref , Ph.D.

Counseling Psychologist